Sumela Monastery Trabzon Turkey
Sumela is closed till September 2016

Sumela Monastery is closed to the public for a year for restorations and renovations. Sumela was restored in 1991, it worked till 2007. But then, it was discovered that restoration work which was done actually harmed the original structure. Incorrect stones were added to the building and concrete was poured in to the monastery s ground. $490.000 was spent for the previous restoration which was completed in 16 years and it did not work.

Restoration work, which has been going on since September 2015, estimated to cost around $ 1.5 million and will take max. a year to restore 73 % of the monastery. Monastery is nestled in a steep cliff of the Karadag Mountain at an altitude of about 4000 feet above sea level and facing the beautiful valley. It is planning to take out rock masses above the monastery falling from mountain. It is also planning to stop rock and ice falling with steel wires or concrete into fractures of the rocky mountain.

1 million tourists visit Sumela Monastery every year. Restoration work will be disadvantage for the region s tourism but it will be useful for the building.